The Terraces is a historic Napa Valley estate with a winegrowing history that stretches back more than 140 years. The Crull family farms the property’s terraced Rutherford vines in addition to aging Balsamic vinegars in their stone acetaia; they also make farmhouse ciders from their heirloom apple orchard. This ranch is a special place to visit, with an intimate tasting room featuring the family’s eclectic art collection.

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The Challenge

  • Present a crisp, elegant, image-driven, easy-to-navigate site
  • Deploy an intuitive, clearly organized site architecture
  • Delight with interactive design touches
  • Showcase the unparalleled remote beauty of the place through photography and video
  • Communicate the unique story of this historic estate through targeted copywriting
  • Convey the warmth of the Crull family
  • Elicit visitor appointments by featuring the hospitality
  • Educate the audience about the winemaking, farming, craftsmanship and vineyard sites
  • Engage current and future customers, driving Club memberships
  • Empower team members to easily make changes to the site
  • Integrate and custom-style Commerce7 with filtering by type