Website for The Terraces

The Terraces is a classic Napa Valley estate with a winegrowing history that stretches back more than 140 years. The Crull family farms the property’s terraced Rutherford vines in addition to aging Balsamic vinegars in their stone acetaia; they also make farmhouse ciders from their heirloom apple orchard. This ranch is a special place to visit, with an intimate tasting room featuring the family’s eclectic art collection.

The Challenge

As with many of our clients, the pandemic forced the Crull family to begin limiting reservations. With time, they found that they much preferred offering a more controlled, intimate tasting experience. In addition, their existing website was an antique (a vintage Vin project, from the earliest days!), and online capabilities and technology had evolved over the years. We truly enjoyed collaborating with Timm and Sharon, and working with daughter Madeleine’s accomplished photographs and drone footage.

  1. Bring a classic wine brand up to date with a fresh new website.
  2. Showcase the unparalleled beauty of the place through photography and video.
  3. Educate the audience about the history, farming, and craftsmanship—including vinegar and cider.
  4. Incorporate elements from a new label design.
  5. Elicit visitor appointments, and integrate and custom-style Commerce7, with filtering.

Let’s Collaborate

Shall We Top It Off?