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In Washington’s new Rocky Reach AVA, on the banks of the mighty Columbia River, the owners of Rocky Pond Winery are developing a one-of-a-kind luxury destination resort, featuring a five-star inn, spa, and restaurant as well as contemporary vacation homes. World-class golfing and heli-skiing opportunities are nearby, and crystal-clear Lake Chelan is just minutes away. Vin designed and developed a hub website educating prospective investors, homeowners, and guests about the promise of this exciting real estate development.

The Challenge

In the recently established Rocky Reach viticultural area, sparkling white cliff faces overlook the magnificent Columbia River. Rocky Pond Winery occupies a scenic bend in the river, hosting private events and popular concerts on one of its three estate vineyards. But until now, the bulk of the business’s hospitality has been concentrated at its Woodinville, Lake Chelan, and Leavenworth tasting room locations.

Proprietor David Dufenhorst, who is also a real estate developer, realized the potential of his estate’s location—near the Stevens Pass ski area and David McClay Kidd’s showcase golf course, Gamble Sands—and teamed up with partners to plan a luxury destination resort at his Rocky Pond Reach Estates Vineyard. He contacted Vin for help in reaching potential investors, homeowners, and guests.

Vin refreshed the existing Rocky Pond Winery wordmark to reflect the destination resort, Rocky Pond Estate, then composed compelling copy to describe the many assets and amenities of this previously undiscovered corner of Washington State. Working with architectural renderings and a limited number of photos of the property, Vin created an online environment that appears ready to receive guests, even though construction is still underway.

  1. Create an online hub for a multipronged project that includes a winery, vineyards, vacation homes, inn, spa, and restaurant.
  2. Educate potential investors about this promising real estate development venture.
  3. Create buzz among affluent wine and outdoors enthusiasts about an exciting new destination resort.
  4. Demonstrate and describe the amenities and assets of an undiscovered natural paradise.
  5. Appeal to affluent wine enthusiasts and families seeking a one-of-a-kind vacation experience.

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