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In the Adelaida District of Paso Robles, Sixmilebridge farms organically and makes fine wines from noble Bordeaux grape varieties. Anthony and Hillary Yount oversee winemaking and vineyard operations.

The Peachy Canyon winery takes its name from the family history of proprietor Jim Moroney III, the Pulitzer Prize-winning publisher emeritus of the Dallas Morning News. Moroney’s ancestors left the County Clare village of Sixmilebridge, Ireland, after a now-historic massacre took place in 1852.

The brand icon is a biretta, or clerical hat, shot through by a wayward bullet—a reference to a clergyman who lost his hat, but not his life, to the Sixmilebridge skirmish. Seeing the bullet’s obtuse angle echoed in the lines of the vine rows, in the silhouettes of the hillsides and valleys of Peachy Canyon, and in the roofline of the remarkable contemporary tasting room, we used this bent line as our theme and jumping-off point for the project.

The Challenge

A tragic tale that took place 170 years ago in Ireland County Clare, Ireland. Remarkable infrared images by award-winning photographer David Woo. Bordeaux grape varieties in Paso Robles. And an unparalleled hospitality experience. Tasked with weaving all of these elements together, we went back to basics. By focusing on silhouettes and storytelling, we were able to draw a through line from Sixmilebridge, County Clare to present-day Paso Robles.

  1. Make an impression with a striking design that integrates and complements the visual brand identity.
  2. Tie an Irish backstory together with present-day Peachy Canyon.
  3. Emphasize the outstanding hospitality experience.
  4. Appeal to a millennial demographic while delighting existing customers.
  5. Demonstrate the beauty of the vineyard, and emphasize the outstanding quality of the terroir.

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