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Among Willamette Valley Pinot Noir collectors, Abbott Claim is poised to be the next cult wine. Winemaker Alban Debeaulieu is at the top of his game, taking an intellectual approach in the cellar that complements vineyard manager Heath Payne’s regenerative farming of two estate vineyards, in the Yamhill-Carlton and Eola-Amity Hills appellations.

The Abbott Claim team sought a new website design that reflected the thoughtfully curated and high-end tasting experiences in the winery’s dramatic caves, and owner Antony Beck’s ardent commitment to habitat preservation.

The Challenge

When the Abbott Claim team approached Vin, their existing website was evocative, if amorphous and difficult to navigate. Its meditative mood was compelling, but the site architecture and messaging lacked order and clarity. In addition, Abbott Claim’s highly regarded winemaker, vineyard manager, hospitality director, and proprietor all deserved to be acknowledged.

Vin updated the color palette and font hierarchy, and sought to reinforce brand recognition via copywriting and stylistic devices. We pulled a narrative thread connecting the vineyard sites, the ethos, and the winery architecture, and utilized  the rosette—a graphic element pulled from an antique door in the winery—to unify these various aspects of the brand.

In composing the copy, we maintained the established tone of voice while providing more concrete, actionable information for consumers, media, and the trade.

  1. Maintain a meditative aura while providing clear, actionable information.
  2. Introduce the impressive team and share their personal philosophies.
  3. Tease an incomparable visitor experience and encourage reservations.
  4. Communicate the prominence of the vineyard and the brand’s integral role in Oregon winemaking.
  5. Inspire allocation-list signups.

I’ve worked on many website builds and refreshes over the years. This was by far the best experience I’ve ever had with an agency.

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