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Building an Age-Worthy Website

Can a website age like fine wine?

In a word, yes.

New clients often come to us when they're frustrated with the limited capabilities and outdated looks of their existing websites. Rather than updating what they have, they want to start over from scratch.

As aficionados of fine wine, we understand. If a bottle has gone south in the cellar, there’s not much that can be done. Pour it down the drain and purchase something else to replace it.

At Vin, however, we prefer to treat digital design like quality winemaking. We build websites that not only last, but get better with age. Here are three ways in which we achieve timeless functionality and appeal:

  1. Symmetry. Whether modern or classic in style, our sites share a clean and harmonious aesthetic. We achieve this by balancing typography, color, and layout—just as an accomplished winemaker balances the components in a wine.
  2. Craftsmanship. Wines that withstand the test of time are produced in small cellars, not tank farms. Likewise, we hand-code every site rather than relying on cookie-cutter templates.
  3. Flexibility. Websites, like fine wine, should evolve over time. We work in WordPress, the most adaptable web-building platform, to create sites that can develop and shift along with growing businesses and changing communication needs.

In the same way that a fine winemaker ensures longevity in the bottle by achieving equilibrium between acidity, fruit, and tannin, our design work is driven by the principles of balance, proportion, and unity.

Artisanal wines outlast mass-produced ones, and we believe that the same doctrine can be applied to digital design. We begin our time-honored custom development process by creating a wireframe schema from scratch, then composing a content outline to guide the narrative. Finally, we code each site by hand. This process authentically conveys the persona of the winery, just as a handcrafted wine expresses the vineyard it came from.

And we leverage WordPress’s robust ecosystem of plugins and resources to respond to new challenges with elegant solutions, just as a seasoned winemaker might react to vintage variations, unexpected events in the cellar, or the need to upscale production. Our mastery of this constantly evolving platform ensures that our sites will improve with age.

Landscape with a Vineyard, 1559

Hanns Lautensack