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Neruda's Ode to Wine

Every day at Vin, we are inspired by the craftsmanship and creativity our clients devote to their work. Winemaking is a business, but it's also an art—like painting, music, or poetry—requiring technical mastery, emotional investment, a strong stylistic point of view, and an understanding of broader context. This Pablo Neruda ode reminds us of a well-made wine in its expert construction and evocative beauty.

Day-colored wine, night-colored wine,
wine with purple feet or wine with topaz blood,
wine, starry child of earth,
wine, smooth as a golden sword, soft as lascivious velvet,
wine, spiral-seashelled and full of wonder, amorous, marine;
never has one goblet contained you, one song, one person,
you are choral, gregarious,
at the least, you must be shared.

— Pablo Neruda, Ode to Wine

Arcadian Landscape with a Satyr Family, 1759-1835

Carl Wilhelm Kolbe