Milea Estate Vineyard is a winery, cidery, vineyard, and farm in New York’s Hudson River Valley. Offering luxury overnight accommodations and a refined hospitality experience, it’s fast becoming a sought-after getaway destination. In addition to a wide array of fine wines and an outstanding culinary program, Milea runs the Hudson Valley Heritage Grape Project, an array of wines supporting the conservation of indigenous grape varieties and historic cultivars.

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The Challenge

  1. Make an immediate impression with a welcoming design
  2. Establish a clean, modern aesthetic that reflects the subtle rural luxury of the venue
  3. Guide visitors through intuitive user-friendly navigation
  4. Entice with descriptions and images of the visitor experience
  5. Provide clear and concise information
  6. Encourage and facilitate reservations for tastings, overnight stays, etc.
  7. Demonstrate the quality of the winemaking and viticulture
  8. Introduce the team and convey the ethos
  9. Promote the wine club
  10. Create an online environment that will activate DTC sales growth
  11. Improve visibility and brand perception
  12. Resonate with professionals aged 25-50
  13. Establish Milea Estate Vineyard as a Hudson Valley “don’t miss” destination


Vin is capable of the technical end of web design, as well as the soft end of storytelling. Both are equally important. Yet many web design firms are great at designing beautiful sites, but lack the ability to tell compelling or brand-appropriate stories. Vin was much more thorough, elegant and organized than others. I would highly recommend Vin to anyone in the wine business who has a winning mindset.

— Russell Moss, General Manager, Milea Family Wines