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Hibou is a boutique winemaker label and passion project from Jason and Hilary Driscoll, built upon the concept of the “hidden gems of the North Coast.” Those “gems” are the carefully farmed sites behind Hibou’s vineyard-designate wines, as well as the North Coast owls that inspired the name of the label. The “hidden gem” concept has grown to encompass more, however, as Hibou wines are themselves undiscovered treasures.

Photo credit: Allison Watkins

The Challenge

  1. Communicate with an earnest, warm tone of voice.
  2. Convey the sense that Hibou is an undiscovered treasure.
  3. Promote allocation signups, DTC purchases, and Mailing List joins.
  4. Improve SEO, build brand awareness, increase visibility.
  5. Artfully integrate photography and illustrations.

Seeing what you’ve done has sincerely translated what I’ve been thinking, and what I’ve wanted, onto a website. You’ve made it a reality, and for that I am very thankful! I am so excited for people to see what you’ve done with this site! Thank you!

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