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Barry Waitte is the president of the Oakville Winegrowers Association and owner of Tamber Bey. His wife Jennifer Waitte manages marketing for the winery, and daughter Kendra runs the wine club. Thomas Rivers Brown designed the wine program and the state-of-the-art winery; highly regarded winemaker Sally Johnson Blum, previously of Robert Mondavi, vinifies fruit from two estate vineyards plus a handful of select partner vineyards.

The stately tasting barn, designed by renowned architect Howard Backen, is part of a working horse farm. A jewel of Calistoga, the property reflects Jennifer’s and Barry’s backgrounds in endurance racing, dressage, and now, polo. “Tamber Bey” is a portmanteau of the names of owner Barry’s first two Arabian endurance horses, Tamborina (Tamber) and Bayamo (Bey).

The Challenge

When Vin began working with Tamber Bey, the brand struggled with a couple of misconceptions. Many consumers saw the estate first as an equestrian tourism experience, and only secondarily as a fine wine producer. Also, the robust wine portfolio offered something for every palate, but the breadth of options caused some confusion for consumers.

Vin designed a new Tamber Bey website that focused first on enjoying fine wine. We presented the offerings clearly, organizing and categorizing a new Commerce7 storefront and embedding bottle images into handsome page designs. In addition, after studying luxury brands—such as Ferrari and Hermès—that incorporate iconography from horsemanship, we pulled in equestrian silhouettes and textures to create a sense of an enhanced wine experience, rather than a horse experience that happened to include wine.

  1. Elevate the public perception of the wines.
  2. Appeal to an affluent demographic of committed wine and travel enthusiasts.
  3. Attract visitors to a northern Calistoga estate, somewhat off the beaten path.
  4. Clarify the equestrian identity and change the reputation from “horse estate” to “winery estate.”
  5. Carve clear and effortless paths to booking, buying, and joining.

We were impressed with Vin’s quality of work and professionalism. Their process is thorough, yet uncomplicated. We had an excellent experience working with Katherine and Jon.

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