The Vin Website Builder is a high-end template website that enables wineries and craft beverage producers to launch their web presence easily, quickly, and affordably.

It’s powerfully customizable with your text, photos, logo, colors, and fonts to create a unique personalized appearance in line with your brand identity.

The product of hundreds of hours of development, it embodies lessons learned developing websites for more than one hundred wineries ranging in scale from boutique to mass-market.

Pricing Tiers



Includes the following features, plus up to 5 hours of personalized setup assistance, and launch via your web host.

  • Homepage, About, Contact, Trade, Events, and Product/Purchase pages
  • 3 additional pages, e.g. Vineyards, Winemaking, Team
  • Layout options for Home and Product/Purchase pages
  • Multi-column page layouts
  • Choose a left- or center-aligned site layout
  • Customizable typography with Google fonts or custom web fonts
  • Customizable colors and background images
  • Customizable button, link, and menu link colors
  • Style Guide page showing examples in HTML and CSS

Demo Website Style Guide Example



Includes everything in the Basic tier, plus up to 10 hours of work by Vin, as well as our powerful and exclusive new Layout Builder. This unique tool enables you to easily create complex page structures. You can stack, configure, and customize the following layouts:

  • Hero Gallery – full-page image gallery at top
  • Multi-column page layouts
  • Slideshows with images and text
  • Photo gallery grids and carousels with popup views
  • Posts, events, wines, beers, and products
  • Instagram feeds
  • VineSpring Products

Demo Website Layouts Compendium

Demonstration Websites

Please contact us to preview with VineSpring integration.

Client Websites

Bydand Wines AEREA Vintners


Content Management

The Vin Website Builder uses WordPress, so it’s easy to manage and evolve your website. You can add pages, edit and style text, upload media, and easily swap out photos.

Having worked with several platforms, we find that WordPress offers the most flexibility, reliability, features, and security.

WordPress is the world’s most popular publishing system, powering over 70 million websites, from micro to enterprise across the spectrum of sectors.

It’s a solid choice for the foundation of your web presence.



The Vin Website Builder provides seamless integration with VineSpring to provide full-featured ecommerce, product inventory management, club administration, allocations, and account management tailored for wineries, breweries, and other craft beverage producers. The power of VineSpring allows Vin Website Builder users to:

  • Hit the ground running with fully integrated checkout, cart, and ordering capabilities
  • Display products with attractive options for layout design
  • Filter products by categories, such as Library, Reds, or Seasonal Releases
  • Register and manage customer accounts
  • Administer clubs, allocations, and mailing lists

Questions and Answers

  • How does it work?

    The Vin Website Builder has convenient settings to control color, typography and fonts, alignment, menus, social media links, and ecommerce integration.

    So we can customize the appearance without editing code or needing to know HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or PHP.

    We’ll set it up for you and show you how to use it. It’s easy update content, upload images, and add pages. So your website can grow with you over time as your needs change.

  • What's required by the client before launch?

    • Web hosting with Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP
    • WordPress installed at web hosting
    • Prepayment in full and signed contract
    • Completed Integration Worksheet
    • API key for Google fonts (optional)
    • VineSpring account (optional)

    We’re happy to help set these up. Let us know if you have any questions.

  • Do I own the website?

    Yes. The website is owned by you and hosted on your web hosting account. This means you’ll have complete access and total control over the website.

    The following Terms of Agreement from the contract apply:

    • The client retains ownership of all files and code upon receipt of full payment.
    • The client may modify any files and code.
    • Vin retains copyright to the code included.
    • The client may not transfer or send the files or code to outside parties.
    • The client may not repurpose the files or code for other projects or websites.
  • What about maintenance, updates, and support?

    The theme is designed to be easy to use, expand, and maintain, so you can take ownership over your site without technical knowledge of coding.

    We’ve built in functionality to give you power and flexibility in adjusting the design and adding content. We also provide training before launch.

    Above the initial setup hours, we bill for maintenance, content updates, and support on an hourly basis. Contact us for more information:

  • What are the benefits of WordPress over Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, etc?

    WordPress is the world’s most popular publishing system, powering sites ranging in scope from enterprise to micro. More than 70 million websites use WordPress, while Squarespace, Wix, and Weebly account for less than 1 million sites each.

    This popularity nurtures a robust ecosystem of plugins and resources to help expand and customize your website. Because it will be updated continuously for security and feature updates, it is a solid choice as a platform for your web presence.

    Because WordPress can be deployed at the web host of your choice, you have total control and ownership over the website and its files. WordPress not a hosted service like Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly, so the work invested in your website will not be lost if that company goes out of business.

  • What browsers and devices are supported?

    Modern browsers including: Chrome on desktop and Android, Safari on OS X and iOS, Firefox, Edge, and IE 11.


Please contact us for a tour in WordPress or to preview with VineSpring integration activated.

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