eCELLAR via WordPress

E-commerce integration for winery
and fine beverage WordPress websites

A powerful plugin for customizing eCELLAR within WordPress.
Match your website design and visual brand identity, elegantly.

eCELLAR, Beautifully Customized

Integrates eCELLAR easily.
Customizes your styling to reflect your brand.
Presents product layout options.
Adds a super-powered utility menu.
Supports custom messages and templates.

eCELLAR Integration

This plugin seamlessly integrates eCELLAR’s SPA e-commerce app into WordPress websites.

It includes many customizations and improvements that would typically take a developer hours to implement.

Modify the appearance and configuration of your e-commerce elements anytime. Select product page layout, colors, fonts, and more.

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WordPress Support

WordPress is the world’s most popular website publishing system, powering more than 835 million websites.

It offers a vast ecosystem of resources and tools.

It’s open-source software, so it will never go out of business.

WordPress developers are widely available, and training tools can be found throughout the web.

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eCELLAR via WordPress enables visual customization of the eCELLAR theme styling with dozens of options, enabling you to match your website design and visual brand identity.

The plugin exposes numerous styling settings variables in the editor, so elements like colors can be changed visually rather than in code. These styles apply to: general settings, forms, buttons, visual cues, components, and the overall storefront experience.

Utility Menu

eCELLAR via WordPress empowers you with exceptional control over the utility menu, account login, and cart links.

Advanced icon support includes

  • A selection of attractive contemporary icons for account and cart
  • Flexible sizing, color, and appearance settings
  • Or, use your own custom SVG icons

Flexible customizations

  • Set visibility, placement, and positioning
  • Cart count control: show / hide / hide if zero
  • Custom account and cart label
  • Support for adding custom HTML before and after—useful for including Shop, Search, or social icon links in the utility menu


Super-power your store pages with attractive layouts and customization features.

Features for collection pages

  • Product list layouts: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 columns
  • Pagination control
  • Collection page styling
  • Customize your storefront’s URL

Features for product pages

  • Product detail layouts: 1 column / 2 symmetrical / 2 asymmetrical / 3 columns
  • Sticky image


The advanced features provide powerful tools for developers, including exposing eCELLAR’s powerful customization around Messages and Templates.


  • Supply your own custom messages


  • Deploy your own custom templates for categories, product, minicart, etc.

Developer Tools

  • Disable the settings options
  • Disable eCELLAR caching

Questions & Answers

  • We’ve leveraged our decades of website design, development, e-commerce, and wine industry experience to create this tool, which provides exceptional customization and exclusive features. We designed eCELLAR via WordPress to accommodate a variety of website layouts and color schemes out of the box.

    Additional Exclusive Included Features:

      • Exposes eCELLAR styling variables, so you can customize appearance in WordPress without editing code

      • Includes various additional options for utility menu

      • Supports several storefront layouts for collections and products pages

      • Exclusive custom styling options for buttons, website header, storefront pages, etc.

      • Adds many additional styling variables

  • If your website runs on WordPress and you use eCELLAR, you may be able to benefit from this plugin, regardless of who designed and developed your site.

  • Not yet. This plugin is currently only available as part of Vin’s eCELLAR integration service.

    This allows us to be responsive to client requests and requirements. The styling and setup cost varies depending on client needs.

    Contact us for a free review or to receive an estimate.

  • A wide range of WordPress themes exist with varying technical quality and design styling approaches.

    While we’ve planned for numerous contingencies to make our eCELLAR plugin flexible, there may be additional setup and custom development needed to integrate with your theme.

    Please contact us if you have questions about whether it will work for your site.

  • Contact Vin for issues or questions related to the eCELLAR via WordPress plugin.

    Contact eCELLAR for issues related to products, clubs, customers, or transitioning to eCELLAR from another e-commerce vendor.

  • Vin Agency is a leader in fine winery website design, development, and e-commerce integration. Vin’s proprietary plugin, eCELLAR via WordPress, leverages more than a decade of WordPress development and winery e-commerce experience.

  • No. eCELLAR via WordPress is developed and maintained by Vin. While the eCELLAR via WordPress plugin is not directly affiliated with eCELLAR , Vin Agency is an authorized eCELLAR partner. eCELLAR is a trademark of Missing Link Networks, Inc., used with permission.


$1,500 per license

+ $180 Per Hour, If Setup is Needed