Commerce7 for WordPress

An easy-to-use WordPress plugin for integrating Commerce7 into your website.

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Our affordable, user-friendly WordPress plugin makes integration a snap and allows for a high level of fine-tuning, so the Commerce7 pages can have the same look and feel as the rest of your site.


  • Product Collections and Detail
  • Clubs and Club Signup
  • Cart/Checkout
  • Account Profile
  • Utility menu with Login, Logout, and Cart


  • Cart/Checkout alignment, animation, colors
  • Button and form input colors
  • Utility Menu alignment, colors


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Questions and Answers

  • Who can use this plugin?

    If your website runs on WordPress and you use Commerce7, you can benefit from this plugin, regardless of who designed and developed your site.

  • How does this plugin work?

    This plugin takes care of the integration steps from Commerce7’s Design Integration Wiki including:

    • Commerce7 app JavaScript
    • Commerce7 app CSS stylesheet
    • URL Routes
    • Page and content tag

    It lets you customize the appearance of colors, account links, buttons, and cart/checkout, and adds those styles to the site.

    In addition, it adds a stylesheet that improves the user experience and display on various browsers and mobile/tablet devices.

  • How can I add menu links to Commerce7 pages?

    You can add Custom Links in your menus to Commerce7 pages in WordPress under Appearance > Menus. Here are some examples URLs:

    Product List
    Clubs List
    Club Single
    Account Profile
  • What if more design customization is needed?

    If additional styling or customization is needed, you may need to engage the services of a web developer.

    Web developers can add extra CSS styling with the plugin under Commerce7 > Advanced, in WordPress under Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS, or in the theme stylesheet.

    The product layouts can be edited in the Commerce7 admin panel.

  • Is this plugin a good value?

    Absolutely. Our hand-coded plugin costs a fraction of the price of a custom-developed solution. And there’s no other plugin like it on the market.



plus $150 per hour setup

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