Commerce7 for WordPress

An easy-to-use WordPress plugin for integrating Commerce7 into your website.

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Our affordable, user-friendly WordPress plugin makes integration a snap and allows for a high level of fine-tuning, so the Commerce7 pages can have the same look and feel as the rest of your site.


  • Product Collections and Detail
  • Clubs and Club Signup
  • Cart/Checkout
  • Account Profile
  • Utility menu with Login, Logout, and Cart


  • Cart/Checkout alignment, animation, colors
  • Button and form input colors
  • Utility Menu alignment, colors


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Admin Views

Questions and Answers

  • Who can use this plugin?

    If your website runs on WordPress and you use Commerce7, you can benefit from this plugin, regardless of who designed and developed your site.

  • How do I use this plugin?

    After installation, a menu item titled “Commerce7” will appear in the WordPress admin navigation with setup and customization options. See below for Installation instructions.

  • How does this plugin work?

    This plugin takes care of the integration steps from Commerce7’s Design Integration Wiki including:

    • Commerce7 app JavaScript
    • Commerce7 app CSS stylesheet
    • URL Routes
    • Page and content tag

    It lets you customize the appearance of colors, account links, buttons, and cart/checkout, and adds those styles to the site.

    In addition, it adds a stylesheet that improves the user experience and display on various browsers and mobile/tablet devices.

  • How can I add menu links to Commerce7 pages?

    You can add Custom Links in your menus to Commerce7 pages in WordPress under Appearance > Menus. Here are some examples URLs:

    Product List
    Clubs List
    Club Single
    Account Profile
  • What if more design customization is needed?

    If additional styling or customization is needed, you may need to engage the services of a web developer.

    Web developers can add extra CSS styling with the plugin under Commerce7 > Advanced, in WordPress under Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS, or in the theme stylesheet.

    The product layouts can be edited in the Commerce7 admin panel.

  • Is this plugin a good value?

    Absolutely. Our hand-coded plugin costs a fraction of the price of a custom-developed solution. And there’s no other plugin like it on the market.


  1. Purchase the plugin to receive the .ZIP file and License Key.
  2. Install and activate the plugin in WordPress:
    Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Browse for the plugin .ZIP file > Install Now > Activate.
  3. Add your License Key and Tenant ID from Commerce7 in the Commerce7 > Settings admin options page.
  4. For each of the admin options pages under ‘Commerce7’ click the ‘Update’ button to save the defaults or publish your edited settings.



plus $150 per hour setup

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