Heimark Vineyard is a family-owned estate winery located in Dutch Henry Canyon on the east side of the Silverado Trail. Françoise Peschon, named The San Francisco Chronicle‘s 2019 Winemaker of the Year, vinifies ultra-premium Cabernet Sauvignon from grapes grown on this topographically and geologically unique vineyard site in the Napa Valley.

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The Challenge

  1. Introduce Heimark Vineyard as an ultra-premium winery focusing on top-quality estate-grown Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon wine and a rarefied vineyard that has earned the industry’s highest accolades.
  2. Present Heimark Vineyard as a sophisticated, elegant, and refined brand, with clean, attractive design, and an image-driven approach.
  3. Convey the unique topography and geology of this vineyard, poised dramatically on a rocky landslide site, and the inherent character and power of the fruit that struggles to grow here.
  4. Attract discerning, affluent wine enthusiasts seeking unique wines.
  5. Facilitate online sales and mailing list signups through an integrated e-commerce platform.