VineSpring Products Importer

WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin creates a new custom post type and imports your VineSpring Products into WordPress, so additional custom fields can be added with the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.




  1. Upload the plugin folder to /wp-content/plugins and activate the plugin.
  2. Install the Advanced Custom Fields plugin.
  3. Under Settings > VineSpring Products in the WordPress menu, click the Update Products button.
  4. Your products will be accessible under VS Products in the WordPress menu and using the custom post type ‘vs-products’.
  5. After adding custom fields to the products, you’ll be able to edit the products to update the field data.

Advanced Custom Fields

  1. Add your Advanced Custom Fields to the post type ‘vs-products’.
  2. Edit the page template PHP file to display your custom fields.

Page Template

  1. Upload the page template PHP file into your theme folder.
  2. Edit your product detail page in WordPress, selecting ‘VineSpring Product Detail Plugin’ under Page Attributes > Template.


Advanced Custom Fields