Shortcodes in WordPress let you use VS for WP features in your pages or posts for building custom layouts.

Product List

Displays a product list layout.


[vs_products tag="tag" template="template" heading="heading" total="3"]

The following attributes may be includes in the shortcode.


The VineSpring product tag. Shows all products with tag. For all products, use ‘all’ or don’t include the tag attribute.


Allows you to use different layouts for displaying products. If no template attribute, uses the default product list. Template options:

  • product-list-layout-1-col
  • product-list-layout-2-col
  • product-list-layout-3-col
  • product-list-layout-4-col


Displays custom heading text in a h2 tag above the products. You can add your own heading above the shortcode and leave out the heading attribute.


The total number of products displayed.

Utility Menu

Displays the utility menu with links to account, cart, etc. Useful for developers in displaying the utility menu at a different location than the default.