The Checkout admin options page exposes settings for the VineSpring checkout and cart functionality.

  • Header Background Color

    Displays a background color on the checkout page header.

  • Discount Codes

    Enable or disable discount codes.

  • Required Date of Birth States

    Displays date of birth field during checkout based on state.

    A comma separated list of state abbreviations, ex.: AZ,CA,GA,IN,KS,MI,OH,OR,WA,WI

  • No Delivery Options

    Displays a message when no delivery options available.

  • Delivery Information

    Displays a message with delivery information.

  • Pickup Information

    Displays a message with pickup information.

  • Order Placed Message

    Message displayed after order placed.

  • Order Placed Custom Script

    Inserted into SDK order placed event.

  • Adding to Cart Message

    Message displayed after cart updated.

  • Google Analytics

    Enable or disable Google Analytics tracking for orders.

  • Google Analytics Prefix

    Prepended to Google Analytics commands in SDK order placed event. Default: ga

  • Google Tag Manager

    Enable or disable Google Tag Manager tracking for orders.

  • GTM Prefix

    Prepended to GTM commands in SDK order placed event. Default: gtm

  • GTAG / Universal Analytics

    Enable or disable GTM / Universal Analytics tracking for orders. More info.

  • GTAG Prefix

    Prepended to GTAG commands in SDK order placed event. Default: gtag

  • Page Width

    Constrains the page width.

  • URL Route

    The URL for the checkout page.