Update VS: Checkout header background color


Update VS: Checkout shop link
Feature: Checkout GTAG / Universal Analytics support


Feature: Title tag filter support for Yoast, The SEO Plugin, Rank Math, SEO Press, All in One SEO Pack
Update: Purchase form hidden if no product SKUs
Update: Account welcome text default width constrained


Feature: Added Before Container HTML and After Container HTML fields in Design > Advanced


Feature: Checkout order placed popup/redirect option
Feature: Allocations unavailable message
Feature: Allocations sold out message
Feature: Allocations custom layout example
Update VS: SDK JS URL changed from beta to permanent
Update VS: Checkout shipping dates
Update VS: Clubs signup source
Update Lib: HTTP client Guzzle replaces Snoopy


Feature: Google Tag Manager integration
Feature: Google Analytics prefix
Feature: Checkout order placed event custom script field
Update Lib: Timber to v1.18.0


Feature: Google Analytics integration at checkout
Feature: Custom allocation layout
Fix: Added accessibility labels to purchase quantity


Feature: Product detail URL slug id or name option
Feature: Extra narrow width
Update VS: Cart count includes allocations
Update VS: Checkout required DOB states
Fix: Align right html attribute applied to child elements
Feature: Clubs signup title


Feature: VineSpring v3 SDK integration
Feature: Custom product list/detail templates
Feature: Shortcodes for product, product button, product list, utility menu, clubs register
Feature: Storefront API for products request
Feature: Allocation layouts
Feature: Clubs layouts
Fix: Improve title in browser tab
Update: Twig updated to v1.41 for php 7.4


Initial deployment