Vin Website Builder

Page Templates

  • Overview

    Page Templates in WordPress allow developers to flexibility in displaying custom content and layouts.

    The Vin Website Builder includes the following Page Templates and accompanying custom fields: Hero Gallery, Clubs, Trade, Press, and Repeater.

    A Page Template can be activated by the end user while editing a page under Page Attributes > Template in the right column.

  • Clubs

    Provides functionality for creating and displaying clubs and details, including Title, Subtitle, Description, Price, Link.

  • Trade

    Provides functionality for displaying Wines, Bottle Shots, Tech Sheets, Logos, Documents, Press, and Photos.

  • Press

    Provides functionality for displaying Press items, including details like title, score, excerpt, source, document, and external link. Layout options include Grid or Rows.

  • Repeater

    Displays repeating sections with title, content, link fields. Useful for creating index pages linked to child sub-pages.

    Includes the following layout options: 1 Column, Image and Text, 2 Column Grid, 3 Column Grid, 4 Column.