A shortcode lets you do nifty things with very little effort. Think of a shortcode as a shortcut to add features to your website that would normally require lots of complicated computer code and technical ability.
WordPress Support

These shortcodes can be pasted into pages and posts to display Commerce7 functionality.

  • Overview

    Commerce7 for WordPress supports shortcodes and includes shortcodes for a number of the widgets in Commerce7’s design docs.

  • Personalization Block

    Outputs a personalization block.


    [c7_personalization block_code="xxxxx"]

    Requires ‘block code’ from personalization block in Commerce7.

    Reference documentation

  • Product List

    Output a list of products.


    [c7_product_collection collection_slug="xxxxx"]

    Requires ‘collection slug’ from collection in Commerce7.

    Reference documentation

  • Product Buy Button

    Outputs the product’s add to cart form including multiple SKUs, discounted pricing and action messages (if applicable).


    [c7_product_buy_button product_slug="xxxxx"]

    Requires ‘product slug’ from product in Commerce7.

    Reference documentation

  • Club Button

    Outputs a button for the user to sign up for a club.


    [c7_club_join_button club_slug="xxxxx"]

    Requires ‘club slug’ from club in Commerce7.

    Reference documentation

  • Custom Form

    Outputs forms built in Commerce7 under Marketing > Form.


    [c7_custom_form form_code="xxxxx"]

    Requires ‘form code’ from form in Commerce7.

    Reference documentation

  • Reservation Booking

    Outputs the reservation booking form for a specific Reservation Type with fields for date, time, and number of guests.


    [c7_reservation reservation_type_slug="xxxxx"]

    Requires ‘reservation type slug’ from reservation in Commerce7.

    Reference documentation

  • Subscribe Form

    Outputs a simple Subscription form with an email field and Submit button.

    [c7_subscribe has_name_field="true"]

    Optional “has name field” attribute displays or hides the full name field in the form.

    Reference documentation

  • Utility Nav

    Outputs the Utility Nav.