The Design admin options page allows you to customize the appearance of the following features.

  • General


    Affects the alignment of various elements.

    Page Width

    Constrains the width of the Commerce7 content area on every page.

  • Cart/Checkout


    Alignment: When visible, the Cart overlay can be aligned to the Left, Center, or Right of your website.

    Animation: When activated, the Cart overlay can Fade or Slide into view.


    Background, background highlight, text, borders.

  • Form Inputs


    Text, text hover/focus, background, background hover/focus, border, border hover/focus.

    Font properties inherit from the site stylesheet.

  • Buttons

    Commerce7 uses the following four button styles: Default, Alt, Small, and Alt Small.

    For each button style you can customize the color for text, text on hover, background, background on hover, border, and border on hover.