Flexible clubs display with details and join buttons.

  • Layout

    Select from 1 Column, 2 Columns, 3 Columns, 4 Columns layout options.

  • Clubs

    Add club details including, title, subtitle, image, description, price, and one or more signup buttons linked to your Commerce7 club by ID.

    The Commerce7 Club ID is found in their admin panel at page bottom when editing a club. For example, the club 3 Bottle Club shows the URL https://commerce7.vinagency.com/club/3-bottle-club, and the Club ID is 3-bottle-club.

  • Heading

    Displays the page title at top of page.

  • Page Width

    Constrains the width of clubs area.

  • URL Route

    The URL for the clubs page. Defaults to ‘clubs’.

    Note: do not use ‘club’, as it will break the routing for the individual club signups.