Commerce7 for WordPress by Vin is an easy-to-use plugin for integrating Commerce7 into your WordPress website.

  • What it does


    Seamlessly integrates Commerce7 eCommerce functionality and the following features with WordPress.


    Lets you customize styling to match your visual identity, by editing settings for fonts, colors, borders, etc.


    Displays product list, collection, and detail pages using the product templates in Commerce7’s admin panel.


    Creates a page for displaying clubs and details with links to sign up.

    Account Profile

    Displays Commerce7’s account profile pages, including dashboard, customer information, order history, club memberships, address book, credit cards, and logout.


    Displays Commerce7’s Cart/Checkout functionality, including the overlay after adding a product to cart.

    Utility Menu

    Creates a utility menu with links to the Commerce7 account profile login/logout and cart/checkout.


    Creates the required URL routes for product collections, product details, clubs signup, account profile, and cart/checkout that allow Commerce7 to work. The URL routes include:

    /collection/{slug} – for all product lists
    /product/* – for all product details
    /profile/* – for all pages under the user profile
    /cart – for the cart page
    /checkout/* – for the checkout area
    /club/* – for the club signup.

  • Commerce7

    Commerce7 provides customer-centric commerce for the alcohol industry, including POS, eCommerce, wine club, and CRM.

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